The Library of the FH Vorarlberg offers comprehensive English advise for academic writing. We recommend amongst others:

_Bailey, Stephen (2011): Academic Writing. A Handbook for International Students. 3rd edition. London: Routledge.
>>> Library code number: GLD200 Baile

_Cutts, Martin (2013): Oxford Guide to Plain English. 4th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
>>> Link [1]

_Gastel, Barbara; Day, Robert A. (2017): How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper. 8th edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
>>> Library code number: IGC512TEC Gaste

_Raimes, Ann; Miller-Cochran, Susan K. (2018): Keys for Writers. 8. edition, internat. student edition. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
>>> Library code number: GLD185 Raime

_ Saunders, Mark; Lewis, Philip; Thornhill, Adrian (2015): Research methods for business students. 7th edition. Harlow: Pearson.
>>> Library code number: IGC512WIS Saund
>>> Link [1]

_Trochim, William M.; Donnelly, James P.; Arora, Kanika (2016): Research Methods. The Essential Knowledge Base. Boston MA: Cengage Learning.
>>> Library code number: IGC 512 WIS Troch

_ Wallwork, Adrian (2016): English for Writing Research Papers. 2nd edition. Cham: Springer.
>>> Library code number: GLD200 Wall
>>> Link [1]

_ Wallwork, Adrian (2013): English for Academic Research. Writing Exercises. New York, NY: Springer.
>>> Library code number: GLD200 Wall
>>> Link [1]

_Zinsser, William (2006): On Writing Well. The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Anniversary, Reprint edition. New York, NY: Harper Perennial.
>>> Library code number: GLD185 Zinss

[1] Students and employees have full-text access at the entire campus of FH Vorarlberg and from outside the FH via VPN connection and/or Shibboleth. External users can view and download the full text only on site in the library of FH Vorarlberg.

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